Background and History

Based in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, Bodiam Strategies Inc. ("BSI") specializes in the provision of customized police, paramilitary, private security, private military company ("PMC"), airline and counter-terrorist training services. BSI also provides close quarters protection services for particularly sensitive engagements.

Many public and private organizations and facilities lack the resources to adequately address their security needs. BSI's trainers provide use of force and close quarters training in a wide array of environments, such as police services that seek to improve training for their regular force and tactical personnel, PMC's that deploy their personnel into hostile arenas, airlines that require improved ground and on-board based security and corporations that must secure key executives and strategic facilities.

BSI's chief trainer, Peter Ramsden, has a long history in security, hand-to-hand, hand-to-weapon and weapon-to-weapon combat training. Peter teaches Crisis Intervention and Use of Force, Defensive Tactics (Conflict Resolution), Defensive Tactics and Safety Issues, Fitness and Police Preparation and Integrated Justice-Fitness and Lifestyle at Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Brampton, Ontario. He is also an Ontario Police College certified fitness examiner. Peter's credentials include a black belt ranking in Jujutsu, Bojuka level III and he is a certified instructor in the Black Arts combat system. Peter previously served as the head of fitness and conditioning and as the head of technical standards for the Canadian Jujutsu Association. All of BSI's elite personnel are trained to and operate at the highest of standards in order to meet your security and training needs.