Training Services

BSI delivers high quality training services based on client needs and requirements. Training services range from customised individual training for specific applications to ‘train the trainer’ and group sessions for larger support programmes. We have the ability to deliver training on-site at the client’s location or at BSI’s training facility.

 Police Training - Use of force, officer safety, dynamic entry, defensive tactics, survival triangle, arrest procedures, threat assessment, active and compliant subject restraint and so forth.

 Police Tactical - One-second pressure point fighting, personal weapon retention techniques, defensive tactics and handcuffing techniques, open hand to knife techniques, open hand to firearm techniques, removal of subject from vehicle and so forth.

 Airline Security and Countermeasures - Open hand to edged weapon, personal protection and escape techniques, open hand to firearm and so forth.

 Also offered are Military Unarmed Combat and Private Security training services.

BSI has delivered its advanced training services in a variety of environments for police officers, Canadian military personnel and elite military and police tactical forces. As well, BSI has provided security systems training in a variety of corporate contexts, including to Canada’s largest independent security company.